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Richard Small

For over 25 years, I have been deeply passionate about photography. My journey began with an A-Level course at college, where I worked with a 35mm Minolta camera. I quickly developed a fondness for night photography and embraced both traditional and emerging digital mediums. In fact, during my final exam, I was the only candidate to use a colour projector for darkroom development, pushing the boundaries of traditional printing techniques far beyond the curriculum's expectations.

Later, I pursued a career in Information Technology as a computer and network engineer, working for some well-known companies before eventually establishing my own digital consultancy, SmallByte Technology Solutions. This venture reignited my love for photography, as I recognized the need for professional-grade images to truly showcase a business's online presence.

Today, I offer commercial photography services as part of SmallByte Technology Solutions. My focus is not limited to business-to-business projects; I am also eager to work with private clients for various tasks, from capturing precious pet moments to photographing items for auction. If you require professional photography, don't hesitate to give me a call. Let me help bring your vision or idea to life with stunning imagery.

Commercial Photographer

There's a genuine delight in having the ability to breathe life into someone's work, encapsulating it in the way it truly deserves to be seen.

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